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iQUBE SOS Business Intelligence Solution amalgamates and consolidates all user defined critical operational data in any enterprise from any database and delivers custom or standard reports in real time with the ease of point and click. Using proprietary software, data is extracted from your ERP or older MRP II, MRP system or other data file into our unique database architecture, which then calculates all pertinent data and provides reports in the format that best suits the user. This information can then be used as is or redefined by the user to add as much information as needed. The newly refreshed view can then be downloaded with the touch of a button. There is no waiting in queue for IT to create or modify the report. SOS enables the user to customize reports importing and utilizing any of the user defined fields from any data record. When reviewing an SOS report the user can click on a data element to drill down to the details and obtain the information requested instantly.


biQube can extract data from any source, and makes it easy to publish or share reports with your team across the organization. With biQube’s unique software architecture your team, clients, suppliers or any other peripheral organization for that matter can collaborate using the same data. The days where meetings between departments who argue over conflicting information are past, now you have the power of visibility throughout your organization at every level, potent information that enables you to make informed decisions that affect the company performance (at the users appropriate level) every business day. biQube provides the solution for the mining of the information and its distribution throughout your enterprise whether large or small for a fraction of what it would cost your team to implement and maintain a working solution.

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