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This view provides examples of what iQUBE SOS provides decision makers.

Total sales to this customer by period
Total back log with this customer
Total past due by customer
What is the constraint to catch up past due
What products does this customer buy
Customers vs. margins for common products
What is the best delivery cycle for this product and how are we performing to benchmark
What money still to spend to eliminate all shorts by Sales Order
What money has been spent on Inventory by Sales Order
What material quantity have to be over bought due to MOQ
What is the total MOQ that has to be compiled and billed by month
What are the Standard Hours to be earned in a specific period or to a specific Sales Order
What are the actual hours earned by sales order or by period
What is the Gross Margin by Sales Order
How much are we paying for purchased parts vs. target or lowest or last or current or standards price
What is the last part in and how will it impact a specific or other Sales Orders
Have there been any Engineering Change Orders that effect this Sales Order
How loaded is the shop for the next period by cell
What is the Account Payable situation by supplier
What is the credit status by supplier
Where are all the sub-assemblies that effect a Sales Order
How are we tracking to the Master Schedule
Are there any Sales Orders that we need to expedite, pull-in or push-out

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